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Collaboration proposals

Strategic target of UIIP is the design and implementation of the systems which were developed on the basis of modern scientific theories and information technologies methods. The main areas are the creation of efficient systems and advanced technologies based of networking technologies, GRID and cloud computing. The integration of efficient UIIP’s computing recourses into European and world network will create the conditions for service export. Another important export is computer complexes and systems crested in UIIP laboratories as ready-to-use hardware or software products. Fields of application of the products are: product full vital cycle automation in industry, medical and bio informatics, Space data processing systems, management and government data processing systems and others.

UIIP’s scientific-technical cooperation with European and world scientific centers is increasing. Active cooperation with Russian scientific centers is lasting within many years.

Along with the strengthening the scientific-technical cooperation with CIS, Western and Eastern Europe partners, much attention is paid to scientific-technical cooperation geography expansion to new areas (China, Gulf states and other countries).