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Institute activities

The subject of activity of the UIIP NAS of Belarus is the implementation of the following activities:

- research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences;
- postgraduate education;
- software development and consulting in this area;
- data processing;
- activities related to databases;
- production of electronic computers and other equipment for information processing (without installation);
- installation and adjustment of electronic computers and other equipment for information processing;
- production of devices for medicine, veterinary medicine and scientific research;
- maintenance and repair of office machines and computers;
- research and development in the field of social and human sciences;
- telecommunications;
- publishing of books;
- publishing of magazines and periodicals;
- printing activities not included in other groups;
- bookbinding and finishing activities;
- production of printed forms;
- other printing activities;
- copying of software;
- consulting on computer hardware;
- other activities related to computing technology;
- technical testing and research;
- other education for adults and other education not included in other categories,

and the types of activities in accordance with the List of activities for which special permits (licenses) are required and state bodies and organizations authorized to issue them, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 14.07.2003 №17:

- geodetic and cartographic activities;
- activities in the field of communications;
- activities to ensure the safety of legal entities and individuals;
- activities for the technical protection of information, including by cryptographic methods, in particular, the use of electronic digital signatures;
- activities related to cryptographic protection of information and means of secret information obtaining;
- activities related to military products;
- publishing activities;
- educational activities;
- printing activities.